About the Blog

I wrote this blog because fraudulence of this nature has presided for sometime without proper impunity. Many people use this form of deception to get by and cheat the system and despite their reasons, it disadvantages the other person. I sympathize with those who have legitimate reasons and that may feel that they do not have a choice, but in all fairness, if this is how the world operated than everyone can use that excuse. Making decisions based on desperation and feelings of despair are not always acceptable. Especially when it pertains to tampering with your year of birth or anything that pertains to you that is not true that can have severe consequences for the rest that it affects.

 It is a slippery slope and like I outline in my article it can mislead an innocent individual who was unaware because of wrong picture painted by the individual. Lance Armstrong, even though his case doesn’t exactly pertain to Fake ID’s, lied about doping and tried to get rid of documents that could implicate him in his case that claimed he was using sports enhancement drugs. We all know what ended up occurring here, he had to relinquish his tour de la France titles and all the kids who looked up to him, now know him as an habitual liar. The article just glossed over a couple of incidents but there are many to name that range from Russian gymnasts, to Nigerian football players, to even head football coaches auditioning for a job. Age is nothing but a number in some instances and I will agree that it doesn’t matter in some minor occasions but generally speaking it has precedence in many cases where it needs to be valid.

 Validity and character are qualities which we should pride ourselves on and put forth to earn integrity. In days of the past, honour was something that was worn on one with great valour. Back in the day, one would rather die for his honour, than to live for another’s mistruth. These days that sentiment holds no bearing on how many people carry themselves. As long as means justify the ends, then what ever has to be done in between, does not matter at all. We would sell our souls just to attain something that may not worth it. Maybe our integrity and self-worth is not worth as much as the praise you get from misleading the general public but it also goes to show that eventually it will catch up with you. You cannot get away with it forever and in all the cases I went over, every person eventually had to answer for themselves. So the short fame or money they desired went short lived and if getting money is everything and the precursor that motivates us to acting immorally, then it is no surprise that these trends continue. Perhaps, if you are not cheating, as they say, you are not trying hard enough.